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Jason Geria has to start on Sunday

  • Jason Geria has to start on Sunday

It was only a short cameo, but the return of Jason Geria against Melbourne City on Friday night has proved how invaluable the right back is for Melbourne Victory.

We all love, Leigh Mr Dependable Broxham, but lets be honest he lacks genuine quality. What he brings to the fray is energy and a thirst do a job for the team. These are admirable traits for sure and there is no doubt that his presence and ability cover a variety positions make him an important squad member. Against City though he was poor and rash.

Despite the 3-0 win the plastic club had more than enough of the game to give me some nervous moments and many of them came down our right. Brox seems to be all heart and no brains getting caught out of position on more than one occasion before inflicting two silly fouls that should have seen him sent off. Itís admirable that Kevin Muscat picked the little man on merit. But when we need a calm head and real ability Broxham should not get a look in.

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Geria instantly settled the nerves of myself, my son and the others in the Victory back line when he replaced Broxham late in the game. His pace, reading of the game and understanding of his own position were there for all to see. He tracked back and timed his tackles better than his predecessor and we need this to continue against Sydney on Sunday.

We may have officially ended with the best defensive record in the league but I feel that number can be a little deceiving. We should have walked the minor Premiership instead of scrapping for it as we did. All too often we threw away games due to defensive lapses and a failure to see out seemingly comfortable leads.

The Grand Final is a one off match where similar lapses simply cannot happen and it is because of this that I feel Leigh Broxham will have to take his place on the bench letting Jason Geria do his thing.

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