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Top 5 Melbourne Victory v Adelaide United Moments

  • Top 5 Melbourne Victory v Adelaide United Moments

It might not have the atmospheric rivalry of the Sydney derby, or the David-and-Goliath feel of the Melbourne derby, but Melbourne Victory versus Adelaide United is dubbed the "original rivalry" for a reason: it is a heart-pumping, passionate and fiery affair, where the two teams turn up ready for battle.   

In the build up to this Saturday night's clash, which pits third versus fifth, and could ultimately have a massive impact on this season's Premiership race, here is a look back at five classic moments and games which shaped and defined this rivalry.

Robinson Sends Victory To The Final 
Back in the old days of Major Semi-Finals, the battle between first and second guaranteed the winner a chance to host the Grand Final. After finishing 0-0 at Hindmarsh Stadium, United came down to play Victory in their own backyard and took a shock lead four minutes in through Travis Dodd. So began the break down, with Victory peppping the goal, knowing two were needed to progress. It took three minutes into the second half for A-League Golden Boot winner Danny Allsopp to make it 1-1. But as VIctory continued to muster shots, it could not break through a watertight defence. Then up stepped James Robinson in the 92nd minute. Obviously, delirium ensured.

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Archie 5 - Adelaide 0. 
This was always going to come up was it not? Just like the 2009 edition, Adelaide contrived to blow themselves up after Ross Aloisi got himself sent-off in the 34th minute with Victory already 2-0 up thanks to Archie Thompson. He got his hat-trick before half-time and added two more after the break for a record haul of five goals in a final. Kristen Sarkies added a sixth at the final whistle. In true standard, John Kosmina blamed the officials for ruining the match and costing the team Championship. Least to say, it just made Victory fans dislike United more. And United fans in turn, probably did not like Victory that much either.

The Tainted Final 
A repeat of the 2006-07 Grand Final was always going to get the blood pumping. The Victory breezed through the semi-final stage, with Adelaide taking the long road. The game was tainted with the decision to send-off Cristiano as early as the 10th minute. In a few words: it effectively killed the game off. Adelaide sat back and counter; Victory controlled possession. The breakthrough did come in 60th minute when Tom Pondeljak released a 23-metre stunner to open the scoring. Danny Allsopp did contrived to get himself sent-off, giving Adelaide renewed hope to find a equaliser. But alas, it was too little too late.

The Spit. 
This game will be remembered more for Ney Fabiano's spit than anything else. Or did he spit? That is the question. After bumping and crashing into Robbie Cornthwaite, the two teed-off against each other. In the ensuring argument, Fabiano spat at Cornthwaite. He says he did not, the referee says he did. He got a nine week suspension, but it was reduced to six. Least to say, Fabiano did not live it up in his Victory career, but did further spice up an already spicy rivalry. Oh, on a side note, Victory won 1-0.

Kosmina v Kevin
Probably the moment that started it all. Greg Owens did score with seven minutes to go to give the Adelaide a valuable away win, and end the Victory's unbeaten start to the season. But this was never about the game or the goal, but what happened off the pitch, or rather on the sidelines. As the subheading reads: Kosmina v Kevin. The little video below sums up the rivalry all in 73 seconds.

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